I spent this weekend with Amber and Mia, and also with Susan.  We went to the aquarium in Sidney and I wasn’t afraid.  There’s no picture of me there, however, so I guess there’s nothing to proove I was there.

We went for fish and chips of course, at Fish on Fifth and I had gravy on my fries and all was well. Mia had a maccachee that just blew all our minds, as it was deepfried into triangular pockets.  Crazy.

On our return home  from we all had super-naps.

Super late fancy dinner followed.  (It didn’t finish until off unitl after 10! which is way past all of our bedtimes.)  We dressed up, of course and went to Milestones which is our favorite. The taller of us had fancy mojitos.  The short one had a fancy ice cream dessert. We were all happy.

Time with friends went way too quickly.

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