How To Make Corn on the Cob
By Lindsie


  • Corn (on cob)
  • water

I grew up with my dad growing corn every summer, and while I don’t like corn for most of the year, I quite like it in late August when my it’s from my dad’s garden.  When I lived at home I’d eat a quite a bit if it was a good year and get sick of it.  Since I don’t live at home anymore, I might get one or two cobs a year if I go for a visit at harvest time.  It is the best corn in the whole world.

My parents lately brought me a whole pile of fresh produce from the garden.  In this pile was two ears of corn just for me.  What a good idea! since it’s the only corn I ever eat.  After they left I realized I’ve never cooked corn on the cob before.  But I remember being around at home when corn on the cob was being made, so I supposed I could figure it out.  (By this same logic I have also boiled chicken bones for soup and could potentially build a rock wall.)

How to:
Remove corn cobs from their casings.  Bring water to a boil in a pot big enough for the corns to have a comfortable hot-tub. Plop naked corns into the boiling water and leave for seven minutes.

Remove corn from water with tongs (or big holey spoon if you usually survive without tongs) and eat.  Leave the water in the pot to cool and pour on your garden or plants.

I like to eat my corn on the cobs plain because this is how it tastes best. Also, I don’t like getting greasy if I use butter.

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