We shut down our Jerez home this morning. Everyone had separate departure times and destinations: early morning train for Madrid, mid-morning train to Cadiz, and noon bus to Rhonda. That last one is me. We have arrived Lindsie-schedule at the bus station (an hour early).  Note: it’s a lot like other bus stations.

I tried some sherry again last night.  I still don’t like it. Well, not pleasant to drink but fun after.

What else.

I’ve had some yummy soy yogurt here.  I don’t remember the brand, but there was a choice of plain or pineapple-mango and there was a “100% vegetal” decal on the package. I had a little cup of the pineapple-mango each morning I was here. It was so good it was probably full of sugar but I couldn’t read the ingredient list so it doesn’t count. It was hard to find things without sugar in the grocery store so I’ve had a lot of tasty food over the past 2 weeks.

Update: the bus to Ronda was late but I’m on my way.  Byebye, Jerez, it’s been beautiful.

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