It’s two days before Xmas so I’m bussing around town looking for obscure soy-based products. This is an annual tradition. Or semi annual. I don’t remember if it was last year or the year before when I was taking a tour of Victoria’s supermarkets looking for soy nog. I have two things of that in my fridge today. Now it’s cheese as no one seems to stock the cheddar flavoured stuff in the brand that I like. I lie a bit since the Thrifty’s located within a five- minute walk of my house stocks the right brand of cheddar but that stuff uses a different recipe that doesn’t melt. So I shouldn’t really complain about having the go on a jaunt since I’m being particular, but I’ve tried this cheese that doesn’t melt and it just goes hard. The recipe I usually get melts, as in, gets soft and goey when on top of pizza and also blends smooth into cheese sauce (opposed to making a gross, clumpy mess). So please sympathize with my dilemma.

I’m on my way to Country Grocer now. This is only because Oxford Foods in Cook St Village was out of both mozza and cheddar and they are usually my source for both. I’m a little excited now as I am a big fan of Country Grocer. When I lived in Duncan there was one located between my parent’s house and the dance studio and I would stop there for goodies- Country Grocer had a good habit of not using dairy in their baked goods, so I could partake in apple turnovers and such. And now my list is longer, too: rice and yogurt. Oranges, maybe. A donut.

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