Did you know I still have a LiveJournal account?  I didn’t!  It was where my online diction was kept from 2005-2007 or sortof then.  I pulled it all into wordpress (here) at a later time.  The biography I have written there goes thusly:

“Was consistency expected? I hope not, for I have already failed. Shoot: Violins are playing and I forgot my sheet music. Biography followed by various punctuation. I only write this here because the main page is for specific things, like overcoming chiche. Yeah? “I have an elaborate system of little pieces of paper ripped off the edges of newspapers and subscription cards. When I say “system” I mean “chaos”” Remember when you were in grade 12 choir and could sing either on key and quiet or off key and loud? You wish every day that you went with the latter, don’t you?
(Update, 2007: EVERYTHING IS THE SAME.)”

I’m going to try to delete this account.  I wonder if I remember the password?

Edit:  Yes, I do remember the password.  Account deleted!

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