Labor day weekend has passed. It was a long weekend. Four days for me. They’re all blended together now. I drank some Strongbow with my Mum.

I registered for dance last night. As I left the studio after writing out my cheques I had the feeling I’d forgotten something. I then realized that in signing my registration form, I’d signed away all my money, and my social life, as well as my time and energy. “That’s ok, then,” I said to myslef and wandered home.

I started knitting a garment on Saturday. It will be a lovely brown sweater with cap sleeves if I finish it. Right now it is six rows of stitches. I had to start it six times, because that’s how I start projects. Three times isn’t bad, actually. This will be the first time I’ve made something with yarn that costs significant money. My six chunks of yarn cost me 50ish dollars or so. I had to convince myself to spend that much by logically arguing that it was a similar cost to what I might pay for a lovely sweater from a store. And this one will be better as it the style I want. It will take a little longer before I am able to wear it, but whatever.

My mum and dad were in town this weekend and they brought me a whole pie. They must love me the best. I should have brought some to work with me! Pie would be good to eat right about now. Also: hot dogs! I could have hot dogs for supper later if I buy buns on the way home. I also need toilet paper. ACTUALLY, I need to make something with leftovers so that I have something to eat tomorrow at lunch. I suppose I could have made my lunches for the week during my four days of long weekend, but this did not happen. Instead, I watched documentaries about American presidents and knit. I also spent some time hanging out with my parents.

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