I’ve been reminiscing about the past lately.  Not in a pathetic wish-I-was-still-there way (not this time, anyway) just thinking about it.  Perhaps encouraged by Kimberly, who had a facebook update about past Septembers and the beginnings of school.  It got me to realizing that ten years ago I was getting ready for my fourth year of university.  A few years ago I was a little annoyed and freaked out that it was going to be ten years since I got my degree.  Not I’m not too bothered by it.  Maybe I’m a little agrivated that it will be a decade since I started at Camosun (I liked my time there a lot).  There is no theme to my agrivation.  No reason.  I had no goals when I started these educational projects: just to finish.  I never expected to be able to support myself as a writer, especially when I realized how much work I would have to put in to do so.  And even then: no promises.  Same thing with art.  I just like doing these things.  I’m glad I have the credentials I do, and whether I’m using them or not, I’m pleased with my accomplishments and where I’ve come since then.  But then, i don’t feel I’m entirely done, either.  I’m pretty ok being settled and having a job and everything.  Money is great.  I enjoy that there is still potential for more- education, not money.  I don’t see myself making more money than I’m making now.  It would be nice if I could make the money I make now and also do something that is arty, but I’m good for now.

The past.  The years 2005 through 2007 are muddled in my head.  Maybe because somewhere in here I entered the non-school years, so there’s nothing concrete for me to attach dates to.  I guess I was working at a school for some of it, but apparently this doesn’t count (as it doesn’t help me remember dates.)


My parents are in town for the weekend.  They picked me up today at 3 and I got home at 10:30 ish, drunk and full of Greek food.

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