I got up this morning just a little later than I have to get up during the week.  Not cool.  Early enough to listen to the early CBC weekend show, with the host who sounds like she’s wearing a poncho and who I still makes me feel angry when I hear her.  In the early morning, before 8am when my computer starts it’s virus check and is mostly unusable for an hour, I researched Shaw vs. Telus for my internet.  I came to no conclusion, save that Telus is cheaper, but this price is negated by the fact that I already have Shaw.  So there.

I’m trying to make my way through a book that is set in India and is by an Indian author.  This will be a first for me, for, although I have tried in the past, I my attention is never held long enough to finish any sort of english south asian fiction.  I suppose the cure for this would be to read more, get familiar with the voice.  But usually the book are thick,  and I’m daunted that way too.  Even this book (“The Immortals” by Amit Chaudhuri) is only barely holding my attention.  My eyes skim the pages, caught only by interesting words, and the occasional conflict within the plot.  This is not the fault of the book, which is picking it’s way through the lives of a couple of families in Bombay in the early 80s, and there are saris and Hindi and music and lots of good things (class distinctions, a little India/England conflict).  But I’m just dozing through it.  Maybe it’s too quiet!  Maybe it’s loud enough, but for some reason I can’t hear it!

I was so tired last weekend, I went to bed on Friday night and didn’t get up again until Sunday morning.  Just rested (and ate, I guess I got up for food… and to download Dr. Who) .

Rock on.

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