The previous post neglects to mention that I am scared of fish and therefore will not go scuba diving.  A woman down the cubicle-row from me at work just got a fish at her desk.  It’s purply-blue and I’m not scared of just one fish in a, well, tubey glass thing as it is.  Just as fish lurking in the darks of the ocean.  So there!

“So there!” is my new saying.  I used it several times while at lunch on Wednesday with Susan.  I’m pretty sure Susan wanted to kick me I was so clever in the usage of my new saying.  I’m sure there are lots of times that Susan just wants to kick me in rage, but she doesn’t because she’s nice.  So there!

I’ve eaten far too many vanilla sandwich cookies.  I bought them yesterday at the James Bay Thrify Foods.  I went for a loooong walk last night after work.  I went from work, into James Bay, then along to Dallas Road, past Beacon Hill Park to Cook Street.  And then I live on Cook Street so I ended the walk at my home.  I was masterfully pooped at the end of the walk, but it was a pretty nice commute.

I need more tomatoes as I’ve finished those I had in the course of eating tomato, hummus and mayonnaise sandwiches.   Mm.

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