It’s nap time.

I’ve totally brought out my spring jackets to wear. It’s almost warm enough too. It wasn’t warm enough when I left for lunch, but coming back it was. I’ll bring out my spring clothes soon, maybe this weekend, but I’m still in the mood for my winter sweaters.

I’m listening to The End, the radio station, via internet. I haven’t listened to The End for many years, since 1998 maybe? Before l left home the first time. The signal didn’t reach my radio in Victoria so I had to listen to sub-standard Victoria radio. It’s probably been on the internet for forever now, but I’ve been into other things. Mostly television is what I’ve been into. And school, I guess. Hm. I just remembered I listened to them when I lived in Vancouver, also via internet. But they only seemed to play Postal Service. I liked it better when I was a teenager and reception was fuzzy on my radio coming all the way from Seattle.

My first awareness of Nine Inch Nails was a t-shirt worn by a guy in my art class. When I saw the band name (having never heard of them before) the first thing that came to mind was how the Chinese emperors grew their fingernails really long as a status symbol—they couldn’t use their hands for anything but that was ok because they had many servants to do everything for them. Yeah? Nine-inch fingernails? Sure.

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