I’ve been trying to get to work on time in the mornings. This week I’m 2 for 2. This morning on my walk in, my legs were moving but my brain was off. My legs were moving fast, though, so that’s good. The trick to getting to work on time is not to dawdle. This includes the time on the walk in, and any time before: e.g. standing in my pajamas and staring out the window for a while.

I’m only slightly less tired today than I was yesterday. Of course I had tea in the afternoon yesterday to prevent me from nodding off, but then I had some chocolatey ice cream in the evening. I was craving it, of course because I was tired. I had to walk all the way to M-on-Y to get it, which I thought would tucker me out completely, but afterwards I just sortof sat stunned, staring at the TV. I’ll try to do better today but I’m probably going to have some ice cream again. It’s called Cherry Nirvana, filled with chunks of choco, and huge sour cherries. This is an ice cream that works best melted down in a bowl so that I can a) mush up the sour cherries so I don’t get a big mouthful of sour and b)chew the bits of cherry that result because they are melted a bit as they would hurt my teeth if I chewed them when they were cold. Whoo-whoo.

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