“Continuum” by Robert Carr. I read this book because the library recomendation email noted that it was about a mathmatician. Neat, I thought to myself. But then what was actually interesting about the book was that the first part took place in communist Romania of the 1960s and 70s. I’ve never been there before so I liked all the details about living in this closed-off country. However, the plot isn’t strong enough to make me want to keep reading once the characters leave Romania in the second part. Also there are really clunky flashback transitions, and monologues (characters slipped into monologue occasionally) were stiff and bloated– saying things outloud that should have been left to exposition if the details were needed at all. There were mathy bits that I read through at first but started skipping at the end because I didn’t think I’d need the details given to get through the plot, and I was right.

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