I have a cold today.  It is not a very well scheduled illness as I am meant to go out for dinner with family tonight.  I did manage to go out for lunch with some of them, so hopefully I’ll be well enough.  Instead I’m using facebook a lot, which isn’t how I want to spend a sunny day.  At least there’s tea.  I slept despite having caffeine again, which isn’t a good sign.

I had a purpose when I started this entry.  You know, something interesting to report, or must on.  I don’t recall what it is.

There was a fire truck and an ambulance at the apartment building next door to mine when we were coming back from lunch.  A little later I saw an ambulance leaving really slowly, without it’s lights on.  This made me think that they didn’t have to, that is, they were transporting someone who was already dead.  My second thought was that maybe it was all just a false alarm.  Default to drama today.

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