There’s something that’s been bugging me for a while. In dance class (yes! this is a dance class story. Surprise.) In dance class there are two dancers who are super flexible, super enthusiastic but who have no control and no technique, and somehow they always gravitate towards me in class. One day, one of them, the girl one, did an arabesque or battement or something to the back and nearly kicked me in the face. I felt the wind. Actually, that’s happened twice. Today the boy one kicked me in the hand– this was kindof my fault since I had my arm out. The boy one kicks everyone though so I don’t take in personally. The girl one is always really close to me, and/or in my way so I have to teedle out of her way to prevent her kicking me/me landing on her. The boy one also practices whatever we are working on in the gap times in class, flinging his limbs and almost whacking people as he does so. Scary.

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