I’m at the doctor clinic again. It’s beginning to feel almost homey here. Today I’m going to inqire about my dry, scaley hands. They have been dry and scaley for a few months but only lately have begun to itch so hard I’ve woken in the night to scratch. Also, I’ve had people notice and comment on them.

The clinic is populated by different peope on the weekend. The staff I mean. Well I guess I always have a different doctor, but the receptionist is a young man who is very thourough, telling me where I am in the scheme of patients waiting for the doctor. The receptionist on weekdays (when I am usually here) is flakey and wastes time with innane small talk with everyone and can’t seem to multi-task. I have grown discerning in my medical professionals.

PS. There is also soothing CBC classical playing, instead of annoying soft pop Nellie Furtado/Celine Dion radio that is usually on.

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