I, Lindsie, cleaned my house today.  This included using the vaccuume.  I feel like this is an annual event, but I’m sure it is not.  It has been a while, however, since I used the vaccuumme.  I discovered that I think I need, despite the misuse, a new vacuume, as this one was old when I got it and it starts to smell like burning after using it for a while.  I even checked the rolly thing on the bottom to see if there was something caught.  I will put vacume on my like of things to save for and buy (I use it three times a year so I have time for this).

My dad gave me a cedar trunk for xmas and I have put bed linens and craft supplies in it.  It’s a big trunk.  And my sheets are going to smell like cedar.

I have spent the three days before this moping around, which is something one has to do on occasion, but I’ve stopped doing that now (thus the cleaning of the house) and I hope the moping feelings stay away for awhile as I find them annoying and not the best use of my holiday days, but oh well.

I stayed up late for two reasons last night: a) I had tea tea around 5 and b)Return of the Jedi was on TV and I had a strange urge to watch it.  It was the new one, though, so the Ewok song at the end was wrong.  I wasn’t vexed as I might be, but the new song isn’t as celebratory as the old one.  I have the old one somewhere in my cache of songs so I can find it and listen to it if I really want to.

I have knit one fingerless glove.  I have noticed a problem with knitting gloves ( and this will apply to any kind of glove) which is that once you finish one, you have to make another,  and that other one has to match and stuff?  WTF, I say.  Only I don’t say what it stands for, I pronounce the letters, and cross my arms in front of me, and hope I have enough yarn left for the other glove as I wasn’t really paying attention, and I accidently read the pattern wrong so I’ve used more yarn than is called for just in making the one.

Also annoying is the 800 page book I have out from the library as a “fast read” that has to be returned after only a week.  There’s no way I’m going to finish it.  It’s dense and takes me 1/2 to read just a couple of pages.  I exaggerate, but it’s not going to happen.

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