I went to Duncan this weekend. Officially it was because I heard that there was ballet class on Thursday night, which I attended. However, I also took the opportunity to have a visit with Amber (with wine in my parent’s backyard) and also with Naomi (with mojitos in Nanaimo). I took the train from Duncan to Nanaimo and back again on Saturday, which made for a nice day trip. Naomi showed me around her new ‘hood, which is actually my parents’ old hood: when I told them where Naomi lived they conjured up memories of walking to school, where Dad used to live, and Uncle Alec’s house on Third (or Fourth) Street. It was sooo hot but I wore my hat and sunscreen. I also bought some trinkets! I bought them at the first two stores Naomi took me too, and she was sure I was going to buy the city out, but I bought nothing else after that.

I also helped Mum with several projects: I set up her new cell phone (which is a lot like her old cell phone only with a camera) and printed envelopes for the dance school’s newsletter. I also figured out how NOT to have her cell phone on speakerphone, so I’m pretty helpful.

I got home to find a tag on my door that indicated that MY new cell phone is ready to be delivered at some point when I am at home to receive it. I’M READY NOW!

Mum and Dad drove me home today and took brother Jordan and I to early dinner/late lunch. We have decided to go see Star Trek at the IMAX on Tuesday. I’m a Big Fan of IMAX films. The only problem is going to be getting tickets (ahead of time) where Jordan wants to go after work tomorrow but I want to go home right away to collect my new phone.

Mum brought some flowers for me and set them up in vases around my house. I have put the littler of the bouquets by my computer here and I am smelling roses. I have also fresh blueberries, zucchinis, cucumbers, beans, dill, parsley, and plums. The plums are significant as I MISSED THEM COMPLETELY last year. Mum and Dad came down in August last and said to me “the plums are all gone.” This year, I have many plums to consume, and I shall become sick of eating them, as is the proper summertime ritual!

It’s soooo hot. Since getting home I have mostly just lay on my bed with my fan directed on to me, or sat in my chair with the fan directed on me. Eating plums. So decadent.

Oh. At ballet class, Pam is trying to get her students nice and flexible and so is having them put their feet up on the bar (one at a time) in a nice stretch. Having not had a class in 1.5 months, I thought to myself “No way. You can’t make me.” But I did anyway, and I was sore. But not too bad now.

I’ve brought back with me all my HYD books to read. Summertime reading! I’ve also been requesting things like mad from the library, and half of them have come ready all at the same time. Summertime is for reading! (Now that I’m not in school, anyway. When I was in school, summertime was for TV and sewing!)

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