New job is pretty great! It’s all file boxes and documents and relevancy and classification.

I did have a moment of panic (7 minutes of panic actually) after lunch, worrying about how I don’t know anyone, and I don’t know my way around the huge office, compared to LCLB. Change is hard. But then my supervisor handed me a procedures manual and I’m pretty excited with what I get to to, so I think I’ll be fine.

The people are nice, just as I said. And they have continued to be nice, even though I work for them now, so that wasn’t just a show for my benefit at the interview. My supervisor is capable and nice. There are also 2 clerks who are also nice and know more that I do (for now!) and have already joked with me a little, so I’ll probably fit in OK.

I have an hour for lunch, and when (if?) my flex days are approved I’ll work 8-4:30.

I also have a security pass to get in the building. Ooooooooooh. Modern times. With my picture on it and everything. I feel like a real Government employee now (not really).

My desk is part of a cubicle “Pod” that I share with the 2 clerks. It’s a bit weird because I can sort of hear everything going on in other cubicles, but my podmates are pretty quiet (so far) and we’ll all be working on the same stuff anyway, so it’s probably a good set up.

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