Today I found a sunbeam and had a nap.

Today I bought a book and started reading it.

I’m kindof tired. In a while I will be able to see fireworks from my window. I’m not sure if I’ll make it or if having a nap pretty late in the day is going to keep me awake. I guess being nervous about starting job tomorrow might keep me awake, too, but I’m not feeling that quite yet, which is good. I finally got the letter I was supposed to get for me to sign and formally accept the job, but it was in the regular mail so I just got it yesterday. I signed it and faxed it from Staples today. This letter calls me Assistant Supervisor. which sounds quite posh. Although the secret is that I’m assistant supervisor over 2 clerks who will be gone at the end of the summer, but I don’t have to tell people that.

I think the heat really affects my appetite. I’m eating 25% less. I know this because there keeps being a quarter of my food left when I become full. This is most obvious with my quarter of mini-pizza in the fridge right now. Tomorrow for lunch I’m going to go to Subway. This had been a semi-plan, but now that it’s late and I have nothing actually prepared, it will be what happens.

The book I bought is “Julian Comstock: Something-something-22nd Century” It’s good so far. It wasn’t used or from Russels even though my gift from work was a gift certificate for that, my favorite bookstore. It’s new and from Chapters, and the book I desired today. Yes.

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