I’m making pasta for supper with a sauce of taco-flavoured ground turkey, tomatoes and celery. Mm. I’m so hungry but the pasta will not cook fast enough.

I supposed yesterday after finishing my entry, that I should have written about what I actually did yesterday. I got up too late to watch much Sunday morning Corrie, and anyway, dad was watching golf. Apparently I am not addicted to Corrie as this didn’t seem to bother me. I got up and had tea.

A little later Jordan arrived and made breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Mm. I’m so hungry. Jordan, when visiting, arrives around 10 and says “what do you want for breakfast” and then makes whatever. When I arrive home I say “Where’s my present?” This time I got a pretty necklace from Alaska that Mum bought for me on their trip.

A disproportionate amount of time was spent, on the parts of Dad and Jordan, poking fun at me.

Jordan washed his car; me and Mum sat in the pergola. I read HYD, Mum did crosswords. Dad had the radio on outside tuned to CBC (to which it is always tuned). I wasn’t really paying attention to the radio until a man with a British accent was talking and said something funny. It was too bright for me to read outside (I didn’t put my contacts in yesterday and so couldn’t wear my sunglasses) and also Jordan kept threatening me with the spray hose he was using to wash his car. I went inside.

HYD books, being mostly pictures and, you know, being mildly familiar with the story, don’t take me very long to read. My plan was to read as many as I could and bring what I didn’t read back to Vic with me to read here. (Of the English ones. The Japanese ones I have are hard to read.) But I finished them all and now I want more. I’ve just ordered them from the library since they are available there. And since each book only takes me half an hour or so to read, will probably be of better value to me.

That took me to about 2:30, which is when I napped.

I woke at 3 in a panic because I didn’t know what time it was and Mum had said to wake her at 3 to get ready for supper. Since it was just three on the dot everything was ok.

We all went to the CVI for father’s day supper. Only there was still only the lunch menu being served, so Lupper. We sat in big cozy chairs in the pub and ate food. The waitress was nice.

After that someone expressed an interest in the new Canadian Tire and so we went there. I found many sharp things.

And then we went back home, packed up Jordan’s car and came back to Vic. Ta da! That’s when I took lots and lots of echinacea and didn’t get a cold.

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