It was probably a good idea on my part to come to Duncan and help with the recitals. It was very theraputic, everyone likes me (for the most part) and I got to use my “stern voice” which I don’t get to use very often. Not to mention, you know, pretty hard work and distracting and so keeping me from thinking of my current woes. But also have discovered some perspective: I left these people in Duncan a year and a half ago; they and I went on with our lives; I can return and they still like me; the more I have to leave people behind and start again, the more people I will meet that like me that I can go back to who will help me through woes as needed. I’m ok.

I’ve scheduled an interview for a new position first thing on Monday. This may not have been the most prudent of plans as I predict a number of messages in my voicemail. However I think I start training my replacement on Tues and I don’t know what other chaos (I think I have a meeting) may arise.

I’ve worked myself in to the place where I feel excitement for both being unemployed come July, and for having a new job soon. This is an improvement over 6 or 7 days ago when I was still grieving the last job. Vacation was a good idea. I return to Victoria tomorrow after some Father’s Day food.

I’m eating a peanut butter sandwich off a plate right now. The peanut butter has sugar added to it which for some reason I don’t like as much as plain, nothing added to it, peanut butter. I don’t like peanuts in plain form, but I don’t mind peanut butter, as long as it’s just plain. I don’t mind when there is stuff added, as I am enjoying this sandwich quite well, I would just prefer the other.

P.S. I also have grapes.

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