I am spending a lot of money on this painting. Don’t tell my Mum. It just so happens that the way I like to paint involves a lot of paint. In clumps. Next time I’m going to use a smaller canvas. The thing is alternating between looking like vomit and looking close to decent. I can’t tell you what it’s a painting of because it’s not ‘of’ anything. There are many clumps of paint, though, because that is my new technique: ‘clumping’.

Peter Mansbridge is wearing spectacles. I am not. The super-hot shades I bought at Save-On the other week fell apart while on my face the other day. I put them back together and they continued to be super-hot.

It’s super-hot in my apartment right now. I have both windows open. It is a debate whether to open the curtains and the windows as to let in air, or to close the curtains as to block the direct sunlight.

I don’t feel like writing more. Maybe later when it cools down. I’m going to lie on my bed and position the fan at my feet.

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