I found some white paint today so I comence making paintings. But did I proceed as planned? No, I thought of something else and started that immediately instead. This is how I roll. On the bright side, the two old paintings I had that I wasn’t quite sure if I liked or not are now covered in white paint and white paper. I’m still not sure if I like them but they are now on their way into something else. So there.

I voted early today. The dude checking my voter card was super impressed with how young I look. He asked if my ID was fake so I could go to bars, I replied it was fake so I could vote. He let me vote anyway.

I need a haircut. I’ve been saying this for many many months now but now it’s super true. The ends are dry and gross. Along with the other reasons I’ve been giving of course.

I’m a little bummed out that I can’t grow a beard. Maybe I’ll save my hair when I get it cut and make my own. This would make a super lame beard, and anyway, would just provide another place for me to drop food on. In?

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