So my computer was broken. So I asked Jordan about it and he gave me a list of things to check out. So I did, but then it was still broke. So I invited Jordan over to look it over. And then it was more broke and we went for burgers. That was Monday. So he came back today to look again (with some stuff from his home to try out) and then we went for Chinese food at Rosie’s while something downloaded. When we got back, and before he could install the downloaded thing, the computer started working again. So my computer is now fixed. Hopefully.

Anyway. Chinese food at Rosie’s is splendid. We tried to go on Monday but it’s closed on Mondays (We knew this, of course, but we went to check anyway. Smitty’s is open for dinner again and maybe the president was set? No. No it wasn’t.)

I got contacts last week and now when I walk in the rain I’m not angered by the splatters on my glasses! What’s also good about contacts is that I can cover my eyes in exasperation, which is something that comes in handy from time to time.

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