I have “beans-in-cans” on my grocery list. That I note that they are in cans is to diferentiate them from “beans-in-jars” or “from-dad’s-garden” for which they might be mistaken should I write just the one word “beans”. What I mean is really pork’n’beans but I don’t call them that. I actually call them beans-in-a-can. Which I guess could also mean green beans, because I think one could purchase such a thing. I wouldn’t though, having ample stock of “beans-in-jars” which were once “beans-from-dad’s-garden” but have been preserved to eat in the winter, and having grown up with such, make “green-beans-that-are purchased-in-a-can” seem ghastly.

I also need carrots, as the 5kg bag I bought months ago is dwindling and kind of gross. Was is 5kg? I don’t remember. There are 2 carrots left. Or one carrot and a piece of another carrot, so 1.5 carrots left. And macaroni salad season is here, so I better get some more.

The other day when I was waiting for Susan in Chapters (before the opera) I saw about 6 books that I wanted to read in the SF&F section. Usually there are zero. I’m either in a mood or there are a bunch of new books out. I’ve ordered one at the library, Preventing Purchase (it’s fantasy so there’s little chance I will need to keep it). Some of the others are manga though… and I can’t remember the name. I’ve already had to go back to chapeters to remember the name of the book I ordered at the library. I could have been smart and looked at the manga too, but I didn’t, wanting to get out as soon as able, as to Prevent Purchase. Dag nabbit.

I’m reading Tom Jones right now so it will be a while before I can read anything else (in theory). That’s Tom-Jones-the-novel, not Tom-Jones-the-singer-from-Wales. I’ve read the first few chapers on several occasions before and then stopped. It’s a thick and daunting book. But this time I’ve made it a bit further and it’s pretty addicting, if it takes me a while to get around some of the sentence structure sometimes to figure out what’s being said. It’s an old book. There are notes at the back I can look up, but they aren’t marked throughout the text, so I sort of have to guess what archaic references are going to be explained to me. Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren’t.

Yesterday I had “Moving Day” by Fred Penner in my head. This is because I saw a moving truck.

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