I just stubbed my toe on the floor and now it hurts. Hoo hoo!

Susan said I can link to her blog so maybe I will.

I’ve been having fun at work again. This can only mean that something is going to happen: I am going to get shifted to a new position; or I am going to lose my job completely. History shows that when I start having fun, something changes, and the only thing I can see right now that will cause change is that my current auxilliary term ends May 31. Auxilary terms aren’t currently being extended due to budget/the economy/impending doom. I’m going to plan a holiday for the first week of June.

I plan to go to Duncan this weekend. I still have to phone Mum to see if this will work, so that plan is subject to change. Also, I’m feeling whimsical, so that’s actually more of the reason why things are subject to change.

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