My weekend was good and restful. The result of the latter is that instead of lounging in bed for 1/2 hour after my alarm went off this morning, I jumped right up, ready to go. “I have to get up today” was the thought in my head as I did this. Helping also, besides the three days off I just had, was that it is warm and spring-like outside. Most pleasing. I can wear my spring clothes when it’s like this.

Unexpected development: I keep making up poop jokes, laughing at them, and then forgetting them. Or at least forgetting why they were so funny.

After writing that last entry (and I had to check just now to see if I had written about this already…) I noticed that “Little Dorit” was on TV. (And I almost typo-ed it as Little Borit, which wouldn’t be far from truth.) I put that on and made books. Books of blank paper because I couldn’t find a new one now that the one I was working on is full. These ones will last a while: four sections of 6 pieces of paper folded in half. They are while paper so I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I also used up a whole roll of shelf paper covering them: literally, I even used up the triangle scraps from folding over the corners. I am thrifty and neat.

Here is a photo of the achievement described:


One problem I have with Little Dorit, which isn’t really a problem, is that lots of the actors have been in other literary adaptations I have watched. Or in Dr. Who. “I’ve watched too many of these things,” I said to myself, and then “Just go find The Doctor, Martha, and fly into space.”

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