Sunday is food day. I went for groceries this morning, in what I consider a pleasing habit: going for groceries at Oxford Foods on Sunday morning. Ox. Foods is just down the road from my apt so it’s easy and quick. Especially good is that they have my cheese now, too, so I don’t have to make the trek out to Save-On to get it (not that I mind going to Save-On, it just takes a lot of time on the bus. That and I also go to Wal-Mart while I’m at it and I can never resist Wal-Mart.)

The only thing is that Ox. foods didn’t have any chicken for my sandwiches (to be made on Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme Bread.) They had something called “mock chicken” but I didn’t understand that and my confusion made me scared so I didn’t get it. So later I went up to Wellburn market, where they actually have a deli counter, and it is here that I got my chicken. Also ketchup chips, because I wanted some last night.

One thing about Welburn’s, and probably the reason I don’t go there very much, is that they have lame customer service. Whenever I go there (and this is probably my own fault since I’m only there on Sunday afternoon when it’s slow) the cashier I choose is having a conversation with the cashier behind her at the lottery counter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a different cashier, she will always be talking over her shoulder to the cashier at the lottery counter. And therefore not paying attention to me. Not that I need much attention, but you know, enough to know that I’m not bothering them by wanting to buy my food and leave. Whenever I’m walking away from the store I’m thinking to myself how they could improve their customer service. And also this time I had my own bag, and the cashier I chose to go to didn’t think that she had to pack my bags for me since I had brought my own bag. She even gave me a look that suggested that she was ready for the confrontation that was coming should I have decided to complain about it. Customer service tip: pack my groceries for me in my recyclable bag like they do at Oxford Foods. I like Oxford foods better even though it doesn’t have a deli counter.

Now I have sandwiches made for the week on aforementioned bread with aforementioned chicken. I have fruit, and also raisin squares. I just made the raisin squares and they are cooling on the counter. They may be a bit squishy for my lunch, but I’ll try putting them in the fridge and see if they harden up. They taste quite a bit like oatmeal with raisins, as these are the main ingredients. Oatmeal with raisins is what I have for breakfast most mornings.

I also have sweet pickles packed.

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