I had a super keen weekend.  I tried to stay in my pajamas for most of it (after ballet class ended at 1pm on Sat, of course) but I did get cabin fever at around noon on Sunday and went for a stroll.  This resulted in a hurty back, which is still vexing me.  But it was a good walk: down Cook St, around Beacon Hill Park, up Douglas, Dollar Giant and then home.  (I bribed myself with the going to Dollar Giant).

After some weird scanning hastled (pages getting flip-turned around so they were printing wrong) Tiny String 18 is sitting on my table in two piles: on of the cover, and one off all the non-collated pages.  So pretty!  So fun.  Aethsetically, anyway, I am very pleased.  I always feel that the story part could do with more editing, but that’s what I get for making them so quickly.  I’m usually happy enough if there are no typos.  (Fingers crossed, though.)

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