January 1st seems like such a long time ago now.  I was just thinking this morning how Jan is almost over and so I will have to get a new bus pass.  On Jan 1st I had a great plan to visit Wal-Mart as I knew it would be open (only closed on Christmas Day and Easter Monday!) but I forgot that my December bus pass would not work.  Outside there was a misty rain and I really didn’t want to walk around looking for a 7-11 or any place that might be open to sell me a new bus pass, and I didn’t want to use up my change just to bus myself to Wal-Mart.  I made a deal with myself to walk to the store on the corner of Fort and Cook and if it wasn’t open to sell me a new bus pass I would walk home.  I wasn’t feeling optimistic about it.  However, as I turned the angle to get to the doorway the sign said “open” and in I went.  “Wow” I said.  (I don’t remember if there were flowers outside the store.  Usually there are bunches of flowers outside the store for sale, indicating it’s openess, but there musn’t have been any because I remember having to turn the corner to see the sign on the door before I knew it was open.)  So I bought my bus pass and then, having missed the #3 bus that would have taken be downtown to connect to a bus that would get me to Wal-Mart, I had to walk down to Douglas.  I got wet and it was cold.  But the bus was warm and by the time I was coming home again the rain had stopped.  I think that was the day I needed a new remote for my TV (and it was only $7!) and a bunch of other stuff that is cheaper at Wal-Mart.  Yes, that was the time because I remember looking up places where I might be able to buy a new remote on New Year’s day.  Future Shop would have also been open, but I don’t like it there as much as I like Wal-Mart.

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