My eyes have been drooping all day today.  I don’t know why this is as I slept fine and I am not actually tired.  Maybe it’s from staring at the computer screen too much.

It must be that time again when I am trying to change my life.  I’m spending too much manic time looking at university web sites.  This is fine, as they are all well designed and informative, but I don’t really want to go anywhere or study anything.  Except maybe to Vancouver to study art at Emily Carr University.  Later.  Later.

My mind feels blank but I want to write a story.  One with a conflict.  There has been a real lack of conflict in what I’ve been writing lately.  Or issues or anything.  Just mostly I write about people thinking and there’s a minor argument going on in their mind.  I really need to find some tension, or controversy to explain.

I’ve found two things to look at when I go to Vancouver this weekend.  Vancouver isn’t as fun to go to any more now that I live in a place that has all the various mall stores.  Not like Duncan that didn’t.  Anyway I’ve found some places to go.  One is Dressew, which is the fabric/mega-wack crafty stuff store that Julie took me to last year and that I forgot about (but then, how often have I been in Van since then?  Once?  Twice!) and also Spartacus books, or the used book store I usually go to when I’m downtown.  See how much time I have/how much I feel like walking around.

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