I cleaned my house but now I feel too tired to do anything else today.  I will rest.  My chest is still tight.  I’ve  been going to work ok but only doing half dance classes all week long.  My lingering ailment is getting annoying.

Tomorrow is the start of two 5-day work weeks for me.  I’ve traded flex days so that I’m free on the 30th to go to the so you thinky dance tour in Vancouver.

I went to another Imax yesterday.  It was about dinosaurs.  Nothing else can show you how big dinosaurs actually were like Imax can.

I’m trying to acquire more modest spending habits.  At least for a while, anyway.  My budget this week let me purchase anything only today, Sunday, and that is only groceries.  I cheated a little on Friday when I bought a bottle of Astralagus, and there’s no excuse for doing so except that I saw it and wanted it.  I guess I also went out for dinner on Wednesday too.  Oh well.  It’s not like when I had literally no money in my account.  I’m just trying to buy less stuff that I don’t really need….  Like new boots.  *Sigh*.

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