The rain was so loud last night it woke me up. It was great.

I finally did my laundry after not doing it for more than 2 weeks. The delay was because I was sick and week. Now I am better and can therefore do laundry, which makes me feel good to have it done.

Yesterday was a bit of a dud day but my reason is just. I went for a walk for the first time since being ill and may have over done it a little, just in that my stamina isn’t quite recovered yet. But I was out before the rains came. I explored Fernwood, making it all the way to their village. So many great houses. More rustic than Fairfield and Rockland, but not dumpy either!

Today I’m trying to write some stuff. Today I’m trying not to watch TV because I did that yesterday, and kindof that’s all I’ve done for the past three weeks and I’m getting so bored of it. The Olympic opening was pretty good though.

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