In the Air

I was walking with Sarah and Ted last night only I had to switch places with Ted because he has to walk on the curb side of the sidewalk when walking with Sarah. This was inbetween their 1st ans second dinner last night. The first was fish and chips with me. That one started with just me and Sarah chatting over cod tongues and Sprite and ended with Ted, Anne, Naomi, Amber and Mia all of us eating Regular Fish and Chips dinners. The CFA’s all got certificates saying that we had received the best fish and chips in Newfoundland. I’m glad I go some chatting time with just Sarah.

After fish and chips was lasagne with Sarah’s family. They had rented a house for the week (?) and so made dinner. I didn’t even know I was invited to this one until sitting at fish and chips but when I got there Sarah’s mum was all dairy-worried. It was nice visit with aunts and uncles I don’t really know but all look like Sarah.

After lasagna S&T were off to margaritas and nachos someplace and I was off to bed.

Also yesterday, in the day time, N,A,M and I were at the Basillica which was pretty amazing. This was kind of late in the morning because we were tired from being at the bar ’til the wees the night before.

Also yesterday I packed which isn’t really interesting enough to describe, and took a lot of pictures of my temporary surroundings. Also went for all-you-can-eat sushi, which almost prevented me from taking Sarah’s 4:30 early invite for fish and chips because I thought I might still be full, but the chips were so good and the cod tongues came with deep-fried pork fat cubes. Very, very tasty.

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