St. John’s

Today we went to the Basilica and then out for sushi lunch. Later there is planned fish and chips for dinner with Anne, N&A’s host, to be followed by a Haunted Hike about the city. My back is sore today so I’ve taken an ibuprofen. I am packed as much as I can– without putting away my shampoo which I need for a shower tomorrow. I washed my pants last night when I got home at 3! It was a good idea because they were smelly. Also I meant to wear my skirt today but wasn’t sure if it wouldn’t be too windy. The pants dried completely overnight, which makes them good pants. I’ll wear them again tomorrow because I think they will be more comfortable for travelling all day than a skirt. I have 2 granola bars left and some sugar-free ginger cookies to pack with me for snacking. I’m not even thinking about the massive travel time I have to undertake tomorrow. Urg. Well, I have about 95% of my book to finish so I could get into that if I want; also my mp3 player is charged.

Now I wait for the guy to come so I can pay for my room, I hope.

On my walk before I found the store that sells Coronation St. souvenirs. I didn’t buy any.

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