St. John’s, NL

Yesterday I did the same as what I did the day before.

Today I started by going for tea and buying souvenirs for family.

At 1pm everyone met at Sarah’s to help decorate. Me, Naomi and Amber decorated the house, because that’s where the reception will be– and probably inside according to Ted’s mom because it’s probably going to be wet. I think I’m going to go get some lunch before I go– or brunch or something. I’m hungry now so that’s why I’m organizing my food now.

I played a game with Mia tonight where she was giving me a present and then taking it back. I said “thank you for the present” and then she said “now I have to put it away” and that was the game. We played for one-half hour.

The rest of the day was spent hanging balloons from strings, hanging streamers and using tape.

Me and Naomi went for sushi for dinner. Tomorrow is the wedding. I have to be all ready to go and at the house by 1pm.

I have yet to buy Jordan a present because I was going to get him a moose but I think that’s what I got hime from Finland.

It was raining today but it was also warm, and also windy. The weather here is nutty.

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