St. John’s

I totally arrived is St. John’s. Sarah and pals picked me up and they took me up Signal Hill then dropped me off here at my Inn. Then I rested. Then I went to find Sarah’s house bue she wasn’t there (and it’s only 3 minutes walking distance from here) so I walked along Duckworth St. and came back here and rested some more. Then I phoned Sarah to make sure she was home, then went to Sarah’s, then me, her, and Ted went for dinner. Then back here to get changed then out to the bachelorette.

It was nice getting here before some of the other wedding guests because I got some time with Sarah alone. She is quite, quite the same, and different.

The bachelorette was an actuall bachelorrete with sexy games and drinking. I took several blurry pictures. I got back around 1:30 am and was pooped and had to clean up the big mess I made while I was getting ready.

Today I got up and went for a walk and got lost in the rain. Then I came back here and *looked at a map* and then found the grocery store. Not good at planning. But during my first try I saw City Hall and Water Street and then some more of Duckworth Street. And then got a little lost and then I was also a little wet. While I was back I let my jacket dry out and rested and then had my second attempt.

At *SOBEYS* I bought organice cookies, soy milk, buns, cereal I may or may not be allergic to since it’s a ‘may contain’ but I had the same kind at home and was ok. I like it. It’s sugary. Mm.

When I got back last night/this morning I was like ‘Yes! One thing down!’ Also, I was looking forward to having it over because I was so tired. It was a good shindig, however; I didn’t know anyone there except for Sarah!

Now I’m resting and just had a call from Sarah; Naomi and Amber are here and napping since they’ve been travelling since last night. They’ll be here for 2 weeks. I’ll meet them later for din-din.

I have BBC World on the TV. I have a T.V. here. It’s a very, very fine room. It’s only 2.5 hours time difference between here and England. Or 3.5.

England will be a very expensive place to visit. I want to take a Jane Austen Tour! Not until I have read all of the books. And also not until I have saved enough money, of course.

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