I am sortof packed. After I wrote yesterday I remembered I should call Sarah and thank goodness I shall have a ride from the airport once I arrive in St. John’s

I am tired. I spent today being tired. That plan I made yesterday to take a short transit trip and go watch movies was a good idea.

Before the movies I did the R.O.M. which was splendid and all, but at one point I was counting my steps, not to waste any, my back and feet were so sore.

On a brighter note, I didn’t buy any shoes today. On another brighter note, I really like Aquafina’s Grape-Flavoured water.

I remembered to buy stamps today and mailed Susan’s thing.

I have a pineapple-orange juice for breakfast tomorrow. Also an assortment of granolla bars and an apple. The plum I will eat tonight.

I am tired. Going to cross things off on my itinerary page.

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