Toronto *Flashback*

Yesterday I got here ok, just one moment of walking in the opposite direction in downtown Toronto. No problem. I’m staying at New College Residences, U of Toronto and it smells just like all the other residences I’ve lived in, so fine. I’m a little wary of the air conditioner, which doesn’t go off and makes my room a refrigerator. However, there is a wool blanket on the bed. However, the sun shines right in the window in the morning which is pleasant.

But yesterday I arrived here and immediately went for a walk down Spadina to find a grocery store and McDonalds. Instead I walked through an Asian cultural festival. Asian commercial festival, maybe, with the road blocked off for several blocks. Didn’t find a McDonalds until I reached Queen Street so I walked along that for a while. It’s all fashiony there. I debate going back because I might buy more (like shoes). We’ll see what’s up tomorrow, yeah?

I have 2 transit tokens to use up because I bought 5 in bulk this morning. They look like dimes and I keep losing them in my wallet.

There were some nice shoes along Queen Street. I could find a bus that goes there….

Tomorrow I have planned to visit the R.O.M. and the Bata Shoe museum and also to go see the Jane Austen movie– all of which are along Bloor Street and could be walkable, but if I have tokens to use up I could use them to not walk and also then I wouldn’t use them to go buy shoes.

I’ve made a list of things for certain I have to do tomorrow. It reads thus: stamps. Because I am yet to mail S’s post card.

I must write about how gross it is here. It was hot and humid when I left this morning. I think this is what is humid? Like, walking through and breathing in hot air? Like after a bath? Anyway, then it rained. And it doesn’t work like proper rain, washing away the hot and humid and being nice and cooling. Toronto rain is just wettening and sticky. Not refreshing in the least. Then it rained harder and that made it worse.

I can see the reflection of the sunset in the windows of the building across from me.

For supper tonight I ate Burger King because I went looking for sushi or something Asiany but the restaurants I found looked skuzzy or I couldn’t understand the menu. Also I wanted sushi really but I saw one place that was closed today and another place was just a sign. So again with the burger and fries. (Yum, nonetheless.)

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