Finshed Harry Potter…. yes!

Now I’m all emotional about it and my head is loopy. So it’s just like after I’ve read any of the other HP books.

I want to watch Little Miss Sunshine again and I can because I still have it out from the video rental store.

I’ve been drinking lots of tea! Yesterday I made some with soymilk. Like, brewed it in soymilk, which I don’t usually do but it was good.

I keep coming up with ideas for Tiny String that I don’t want to do. That has to stop or else there will be no July episode; and with no good reason like there was in February. It would be cool, however, to do number ten in Sept for like the one year anni. Or whatever. I think I’m on nine now. I keep forgetting what number I’m on. Soon I’m going to start skipping because I didn’t go back to check and I like to get them out fast once I have the idea. Maybe there won’t be in one in August because I’ll be away for half of it. I’ll be in transit on the 14th… what am I going to do about that? 15 years makes it longer writing it in my life than not writing it. (And cussing this week because one of the sections is comprised entirely of fragments where I was sure I had something more solid. Not talking about it.)

I have to watch Deadwood again because I couldn’t make out half of what they were saying.

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