Things seem more intense sometimes when you whisper them.

I worked my first normal weekday shift today. The last time I had a normal weekday shift was in October and I was “being trained” and I didn’t remember a thing about it except that on that day I got to eat in the cafeteria instead of ordering in. It wasn’t even normal, though, since there were no students– which isn’t exactly true since I saw one who will be attending next year and one who is working on campus for the summer. But it’s not a stat holiday or anything and so there were people around and the phone was ringing. The day went quickly.

I keep wanting tea, like, all the time. Jasmine tea smells and tastes like flowers. I sang a song about this today:

Jasmine tea!
It smells like flowers!
And tastes like flowers, too!!

I can’t believe I’m not a famous songwriter. The front door was open as I wrote it and I wished upon wishy-wishing things that someone was just coming up to knock. No one though.

Tomorrow my plans are thus: get up. Eat breakfast (not oatmeal though because we’re out) drive to Volume One Bookstore. Purchase Harry Potter 7. Drive home. Commence reading Harry Potter 7.

Sounds like a good day. I’ll probably drink some tea too

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