I made cookies this morning. They have essence of pie-crust-dough because that’s what was in the food processor before I made them and Mum said “what can we make in here?” and I said cookies. And I hung out my laundry on the line because it’s sunny out.

Today I dressed like a hippie including lack of bra but did shave my armpits so it’s just a simile/fashion thing. I like not putting goop in my hair though. Today anyway. Sometimes the fluffiness bugs me.

I bought 18 cans of sugar-free fruity pop yesterday. Usually I would just have bought three things of six but the store had the cans all freed from that restriction so I went nuts with variety.

My back is sore in the place were it’s supposed to hurt when I hold my shoulders correctly in ballet class. Is this a good thing? Really, it hurts, not just stiff. My Mum FORCED me to put ice on it yesterday and unfortunatly this make it less sore and now she’s all Tut Tut about it.

I acquired a reason to move to Victoria yesterday. Sortof.

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  1. Speaking of Sugar Free Pop.

    I’ve discovered a couple kinds of sugar free pop that arent full of asperatame and actually taste good!

    at SaveOn Foods, you can get three kinds of Diet Rite pop – Tangerine, Rasperry and Cola. I think that the Rasperry and Tangerine are good. The colas ok but it has no caffeine in it, so it defeats the purpose. it has Splenda in it instead of asperatame.

    also…. C-Plus has come out with an orange pop (CPlus) that is Diet… it has Splenda in it as well as juice and is wonderful! no aftertaste or anything!

    • Re: Speaking of Sugar Free Pop.

      “Who the heck is this leaving all these comments???” I thought to myself… but I figured it out.

      I want to try this CPlus with no sugar. I have to find cheaper sugar-free pops because these that I have are $1.50 a can when they aren’t on sale. That’s why I stocked up. I’ve tried Fresca too, which isn’t too bad, but I keep calling it “Fanta”.

      I am SO much happier if I consume less sugar.

      • Re: Speaking of Sugar Free Pop.

        hehehe, yeah, i forgot that you might not know who this was!

        the fresca stuff is loaded with asperatame (a good cause of headaches and other such cancer-related stuff)… so i’d try the Cplus… its the same price as the normal cplus… same with the Diet Rite… only i think its a wee bit more expensive than normal pop… but probably cheaper than $1.50!

      • Re: Speaking of Sugar Free Pop.

        oh no! not cancer! It tastes like fruity plastic, anyway.

  2. Re: Speaking of Sugar Free Pop.

    yeah… the stuff with Splenda doesnt leave taht funny aftertaste and tastes a bit more real….. plus, (much research says) splenda isnt a carcinogen

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