Thank you Naomi for listening to my rant. If anyone else wants to hear my rant, please e-mail me at lindsie@puddlelilies.com as it is not for public consumption.

I spent this afternoon at the computer
1)extracting young dancers from their backgrounds
2)making tabs work better
3)ranting on my cell phone

Now I just had some ice cream right from the container.

For some reason my ice cream (“Soy Dream”) comes in a small container if it’s French Vanilla and a large one if it’s normal Vanilla. The French Vanilla is really really good and I never bought it until there was no normal vanilla. Normal Vanilla, however is better than “Soy Delicious” or “So Good” brand ice creams. “Soy Delicious” is weak in flavour, like they add water to the recipe, whereas “Soy Dream” is rich and creamy. “So Good” tastes like beans.

“Rice Dream” is another one I have tried, in fact, it was the first non-dairy ice cream I tried. It has a bit of a weird taste and sweetness to it. But I just had Neapolitan flavour of this and it was good. (I ate it flavour-by-flavour for some reason and the strawberry wasn’t that much different from the vanilla, and the chocolate wasn’t very chocolately…. But I was able, with this particular purchase to bug everyone around me by calling it “Napoleon” so very much worth having)

And that’s my review for the day! Tomorrow: How I Organize my Sock Drawer…

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