Multiple Choice:

a) cute
b) cunning
c) evil

I read some earlier bits of my novel. Not as frustrated now, but still. And they aren’t earlier drafts, they are from earlier in the timeline. I tidied some of those bits up real nice. But it’s still like reading diamonds in a big pile of garbage. Not even diamonds. More like clean bits of food.

Just plum grumpy today. I got up at noon (by accident! I didn’t mean to sleep in so long) and then was tired again at 4.

Good news AND bad news is that I have a week off of work. Did I talk about my zine-on-the-go? It’s called “Talking About People” and it’s almost done being drawn. Then my other zine-on-the-go (because there can never be enough of them, although right now I only have two) is “Tiny String #5: Josephine/Josepine and the [yet to be titled story]”. I don’t have Josephine’s permission because I don’t know where Josephine is. Ethics maybe? Maybe later? Yes. Hardly doing it for revenge, more reflection of an interesting person I have known.


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