I just learned how to print from Photoshop. It was BOTH easy and complicated. I also sticky-noted the pages I will photocopy from the “Export” section becuase I don’t think I need to try it out until I actually need to export something. ? I’ve PCopyed maybe 1/4 of the book? maybe 1/6 because it’s hard to tell because the PCopies are one sided. (Literally. They are only biased in that they reflect the things that I don’t know about. Am I getting too deep with this? Probably.)

My novel has given me a headache. There are too many stupid things in it right now; I am leaping to the loveydovey crap scenes and forgetting the context. Nevermind. I have a headache from thinking about it. Or from the detergent I used to clean the bathroom. Either or! Been watching too much HYD. No time to clean the bathroom; influencing my mind to do only loveydovey scenes. rrRRRg.

The good news is, though, that Susan wasn’t shot!

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