My oatmeal doesn’t taste right this morning. The oatmeal:water:soymilk ratio is off, I think. I’ll probably live.

I started making a zine last night at work (I mean: shh). Very pen and paper based. (Opposed to text printed off the computer and glued in place and then re-glued to make it all fit, etc). I did three or four pages. Stupid phone kept inturrupting my work (joke! joke!)

I’m emailing with Rita again! Happy! Happy!
I’m MSNing with Susan right now!

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  1. lindsie and her zines

    I love your Zines lindsie!! I look forward to them every time they arrive in the mail. In fact, i jump around for joy, and although the people near me dont get it (even though i’ve repeatedly explained who you are and why these are SOOOOO cool) I cherish them! all four of them are arranged artfully on my bookshelf so people looking at my books have to see them first before the rest of my books!!
    -Kimberly S (a subscriber from Quesnel)

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