So tired and I don’t know why.

My keyboard is sticky and makes me tired just typing upon it.

The power went off Monday night and we went out for supper but it took too long and we didn’t know what time it was and by the time we got back to the van my tap class was over. I was peeved.

Does “peeved” meen, like, “pissed off”? Because that’s the effect I was going for without using the term “pissed off” because that is a bit of a gross term.

I have some new words for the Auto-dictionary.

Namoo: (n; na-MOO) “Nanaimo”, said fast, when in a silly mood. “I’m going to Namoo!” “Where?” “NAMOO!”

Namool: (nickname; na-MOOL) the name “Naomi”, made to rhyme with the word “school”, when in a silly mood. Meet my friend Namool/Who is too cool for school.

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