I totally thought of an ending, Susan! Maybe.

I switched keyboards today because the down arrow key wasn’t working and is very necessary for editing. I’m back on the MS ergonomic again, so my hands sort of cramp if I have to type loong secions of prose. But the down arrow key works. Also the number pad if I feel like doing a budget lately.

I mailed out three Chrismas packages this week, and so three people will be getting collectors editions because I mailed them before I noticed a typo I have since fixed on the others. “Shoot!” I said.

I had tea today. I’ve been drinking it “milky” which means I have to warm it up after I put the milk in because I always steep it for so long to cool it, but then with the milk it gets more cool, but I like the milky richness. Life sure is complicated.

I heard a song from the new Beatles album today. I liked it.

So, so temporary!

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