I’ve been using a lot of paint on my painting. This is because it takes a lot of paint to make it look how I want it to look. Painting is getting heavy. Literally.

Instead of sliding my foot along the floor whilst moving into second position plie in dance class, I stubbed my toe. Then later someone kicked my hand with their grand battement to the back. When this happened I said sorry. For you know, getting my hand in the way. The more dance class I do the worse I am getting. So great. (Not really! I just want to sound cool.)

Everything is normal. (Not really! Nothing is ever normal. You should know that.)

That’s all the superficial stuff.

I should probably be more stressed out about work. However I have been extended for another month, so I don’t have to worry about potential unemployment yet. I’m also getting some retro pay since my job was reclassified, so that’s neat. I’m telling everyone that if I don’t have a job in July I’m going to sleep in and it’s this kind of thought that is keeping me from getting too anxious. I’m not lying when I say this. Whenever I start freaking out I just imagine myself lounging in bed on a Tuesday and those feelings just dissappear. Although it is easier to get up in the morning now that the sun is shining at 6 in the morning. Unless it’s raining like it was on Tuesday. I’m happy to have my spring and summer clothes out and my new navy blue undergarment.

I keep forgetting that I meant to do a Tiny String for May. I guess I still have a few days, including a weekend, to do that. I have one sort of half written. And I have another one sort of thought up. No focus! And I’ve been covering myself in paint instead. AND drinking cider, which does not increase productivity but does promote glee.

Things that bugged me today.

1) Having to go to work
2) People who make my phone ring at work
3) Having picked up the phone, having to solve people’s problems
4) It was warm in my room at work
5) Being sleepy
6) Wanting to play but having to be at work instead
7) Having to go through more hoops to try and get into another worker’s pool
8 ) That the webpage where I was meant to put information for (7) didn’t work this morning, and when it did work, had lost all the information that I had already entered.

Things that were good today
1) Compliments on my homemade bread (I didn’t share, just people in the lunch room saw it)
2) My sandwich at lunch, made with homemade bread (wholewheat)
3) Yellow highlighter
4) Finishing several random paperworks that I have been putting off.
5) A fresh stock of #9 envelopes
6) Sun shining in my window this morning
7) Punching holes in a piece of paper and placing it in a binder.
8 ) Punching holes in a piece of paper and filing it.
9) Tea
10) Opening my window at work.
11) Putting reminder in my Outlook calender to close window.

I just stubbed my toe on the floor and now it hurts. Hoo hoo!

Susan said I can link to her blog so maybe I will.

I’ve been having fun at work again. This can only mean that something is going to happen: I am going to get shifted to a new position; or I am going to lose my job completely. History shows that when I start having fun, something changes, and the only thing I can see right now that will cause change is that my current auxilliary term ends May 31. Auxilary terms aren’t currently being extended due to budget/the economy/impending doom. I’m going to plan a holiday for the first week of June.

I plan to go to Duncan this weekend. I still have to phone Mum to see if this will work, so that plan is subject to change. Also, I’m feeling whimsical, so that’s actually more of the reason why things are subject to change.

My face is itchy!

P.S.  I’ve had a lot of trouble pretending to be normal this week.  This results (easily) in my resting at home in the evenings watching television (still West Wing) as recovery time.  And it’s not really “trouble”, it just takes some extra effort trying to do general work things.  I’m getting better, though at things like just picking up the phone to return phone calls.  I get on a roll.

My computer monitor had “no signal” this morning for some reason.  Then it found a “signal” but is now at the wrong resolution.  I had to leave it before going to work… and figuring this out had me hear the bus I was going to take speed past my window without me on it (I was still in my apartment).  I like walking into work anyway.

I had a dream last night where I told my sister’s friends to be quiet so I could nap and then they hated me.  The person playing my sister in the dream, however, wasn’t my real sister, and her friends were all large, native teenagers.

I had such a Friday today.  It was ugg.  I topped it off with hot dogs for supper because I’m whimsical like that.

I had a Soy-Black-Tea-Latte at break this afternoon so I may never sleep again.  It was very worth it though.  Very tasty.  Now that I think about it, I paid for it with a quarter that I should have saved for doing laundry.  Shoo.

Did I mention I finally got some matches?  Oh yes.

There were many kinds of post it notes at work today.  (And that’s all I can remember clearly about that, right now.)  Also, someone told me (I know who, I’m just not going to say here) that when she first saw me, she thought to herself, “that’s the kind of girl who’s going to have a romance we’ll all hope for”.  This is one of the many reasons I enjoy going to my workplace 9 days out of a two week pay period.

Plan for this weekend:
1) Watch West Wing, season 3
2) Ballet at 11:15 on Saturday
3)grocery shopping at Oxford Foods on Sunday (needed: celery and carrots)
4) (Optional) Go to Mayfair to see if there are any good deals on things I want (I want a new coat and a hoody with fur inside)
5) Hot bath(s) with Epson salts*

*This is because I think my chest is better, at least better enough, and I may have pushed myself a little much in Floor Barre this evening.  Right now, this is the list of things that are already hurty: inner thigh, pinkies (fingers and toes), shoulder blades, the place between the bottom of my ribs and my hips on both sides of my body.

I forgot to write here until late.  I was eating apricot turds, doing puzzles and watching TV.  Less “watching” TV than having it on as accompianment to me doing puzzles.  Quite boring unless you count the fact that I completed many puzzles.

Tomorrow is my day off and payday but I shan’t go shopping, as those two things might suggest.

I received an envelope in the mail asking if I want a subscription to “The Economist”.  The answer is “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOnonono.”  Though maybe I would read one issue sometime just to see what it’s like.  You know.

That reminds me of some callers I get at work who sound like this:  “Uh, I need, you know, the, you know, uh, you know, the, you know…”

To this I reply: “Would you like your renewal form?” in a pleasant voice. Because more often than not, this is what callers to my desk require.

In my head, however, I think “NO!  I don’t know!  ARRRRRRRG: WORDS! use WORDS!”

Let me tell you that it took way too long to recover after dance class today, breathing wise.  I didn’t even make it through the whole class without my legs shaking.

Oh well.  Work has been fun.

Oh my goodness it’s raining out.  But really warm so I didn’t notice how wet I was until I got inside and my pants were soaked through.