I’m sitting just shy of the rain, watching the intersection of Blanshard and Pandora. (This is the location of my job). I don’t want to move much further away from this spot because I failed to bring an umbrella with me today and I don’t like to get speckles on my glasses. This was one of the reasons I obtained contacts, however, I am not wearing them today: it’s Monday and I didn’t have time this morning to put them in due to a mild sleep-in.

I had a dream last night that was inturrupted by the noise that the street painter truck makes. And then I had to get up and see what was going on. I missed the truck but I saw the orange mini-cones that the workers left behind to indicate wet paint. Just as well they were doing this in the middle of the night as today there is wet everything.

For someone who has sub-titled their blog “grandeur of summer” I sure haven’t written very much during described season.  The reason is thus: lazy and hot.  Today I have ballet class and then I’m going to get a Big Mac.  It is the last ballet class of this summer session and it has been well worth the time and money put in.  A good teacher and I am remembering how to position my body to do ballet.  Also, by ballet musles are reminding me that they don’t like to be used in this way, at least not after a year of atrophe.  It seems modern dance just doesn’t use them in the same way.

Next week I have five whole days of work, whereas this week I had only three (holiday on Monday and flex day today.)  Grrr.

Yesterday I didn’t want supper, I wanted shredded wheat with raisins.  And that’s what I had!  Tonight I was grown up and made stir-fry from a recipe.  I even had to buy meat.

This weekend I plan to do nothing, or close to it.  Unless I find something to do.

I have to ice my knees.

Last year at around this time I got laid off from my job and *tippity-doo* started a new one.  That was a good happening.

It’s summer now and I have plans.  These plans no longer include going to see Simon and Garfunkel in Vancouver.  Rrrg.  But I am going to go over and see the Lion King in stage musical form.  I’ve also got tickets for several more plays in Victoria.  Em.  Also dance classes. But these things are later.  For now: nothing.

Today I thought it would be good to write a story.  Then I remembered I am yet to download OpenOffice on my new thing, so I am in the process of that now.  The new thing came with Microsoft Works (??) installed, and I didn’t even know they still made that.  I didn’t want it to come with Microsoft works (??) installed, but I didn’t have a choice.  It was Microsoft Works (??) for free or pay extra to get Microsoft Office, which I didn’t want either.  I have nothing against Microsoft Office, I use it at work and it is quite jolly.  But Open Office is free, and I quite love it. Although I guess I have to set it all up again so it’s as I like it.  Shoot.  I’ll do that some other time.

I ate at the Reef twice this week, once on Monday with Susan, and again today with the cooworkers.  “We should have lunch,” said supervisor.  “We’ll go to the Reef,” I replied.  “When? Today?”  And so it was.

“Puffy” is a word I should probably stop using to describe people. But I didn’t start it. I got it from the movie “Grosse Pointe Blank”. Joan Cusack describes the people at her ten year high school reunion as just the same as they had been in high school, only puffier. That’s a good movie. I own it on VHS!

Did I tell you about that time… I probably have already, I find the story quite funny:

This one time when I was working at Wal-Mart (and you just know this os going to be a pretty great story with such an opening) these two women asked me for help in the girlswear department. They were sort of staring at me, agog, which isn’t strange– I mean, a helpful walmart employee? I’d be surprised, too. So I didn’t think too much about it. “Stupid customers” is what I no doubt thought to myself. Just after they left, however, I realized that they were two girls I knew from high school but I didn’t recognize them because they had become so puffy!

Right? Right?

None of my coworkers thought that this was as funny as I did. Maybe they hadn’t seen “Grosse Pointe Blank”.

I still don’t like the book I’m reading very much but I’ve gotten into the rhythm of of it, and the non-excitement.

I was in a bad mood this morning because the dishes I was washing wouldn’t stack properly or well in the dish rack to dry. I hate the sound of falling, clattering dishes. I even only have only one or two dishes in the sink at a time so they don’t clank against one another. Vexsome noises!

There is new toner waiting for me at the post office (ordering it online was cheaper than anywheres in town, even with postage.) I will try to be more responsible with this one, maybe, to make it last longer? Perhaps I will initiate a cleaner, more simple design in my publications. ??

I attended two meetings this week at work. I usually attend zero, or at most one every other week. They were not painful, were not meant to be meetings where everyone reports on what they are working on, which I don’t like, because then I also have to report on what I am doing, which means talking out loud, and having people look at me.

New job is pretty great! It’s all file boxes and documents and relevancy and classification.

I did have a moment of panic (7 minutes of panic actually) after lunch, worrying about how I don’t know anyone, and I don’t know my way around the huge office, compared to LCLB. Change is hard. But then my supervisor handed me a procedures manual and I’m pretty excited with what I get to to, so I think I’ll be fine.

The people are nice, just as I said. And they have continued to be nice, even though I work for them now, so that wasn’t just a show for my benefit at the interview. My supervisor is capable and nice. There are also 2 clerks who are also nice and know more that I do (for now!) and have already joked with me a little, so I’ll probably fit in OK.

I have an hour for lunch, and when (if?) my flex days are approved I’ll work 8-4:30.

I also have a security pass to get in the building. Ooooooooooh. Modern times. With my picture on it and everything. I feel like a real Government employee now (not really).

My desk is part of a cubicle “Pod” that I share with the 2 clerks. It’s a bit weird because I can sort of hear everything going on in other cubicles, but my podmates are pretty quiet (so far) and we’ll all be working on the same stuff anyway, so it’s probably a good set up.

I received many hugs this week as people at work learned I was leaving and then also when I got a new job. This was OK as I like hugs.

Yesterday there were muffins in the morning and then cake in the afternoon. I have also scheduled celebratory lunches on Monday and Tuesday before leaving the branch, and will organize more after I have settled into my new job.

I was offered a new job today. I interviewed yesterday and there were rumors of reference checking around the office today. I am most pleased. More details on that when I start and know what I’m doing. I have a good idea of what I’ll be up to but I will write about it better once I have done some.

When I got the call offering me the job, the woman offering it to me was taking too long. She needed to be sure I had all the details I needed: but I needed to start telling people! Once off, I ran around letting everyone know. I had, of course, spent the last day and a half talking about it so they knew something was happening. I received many hugs.

I will start my new job on July 2. I am resolved not to be sick when this happens.

Vacation day three.

(I didn’t post on days one and two but here’s what happened:

Vacation. Day one. I got up early and walked down to the train station to catch the train to Duncan. My vacation plans are not too extensive, it seems. The train ride was nice with the sunny day and the trees. I like taking the train because it affords glimpses into people’s backyards. I saw two treehouses. The train also allowed for a short existential crisis re: upcoming lack of job/upcoming new job/having to leave friends at old job. The soundtrack for this was Radiohead, which was perhaps the precipitor, as it is rather gloomy music. I arrived in Duncan to just miss my dad coming to find me at the station, but then, the plan had been to meet him at Coffee on the Moon, where he usually is on a Saturday morning with chums. He found me anyway.

I was at my “Duncan home” for five minutes before off again for garage sale-ing. I got a lot of sun but no new possessions as I have little space in my apartment for new junk. There was a beautiful formica table with old-school vinyl covered chairs… but I have no room for this kind of thing yet. There was a battered old dictionary that caught my eye, but I already have a bunch of those. I was however interesting to see all the houses being built in Crofton.

After garage sale-ing, I napped. Then homemade pizza and cider for dinner. (Although technically the cider was made at a u-brew). Then watching telly with Mum. Then bed.

I’m reading “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” on my vacation. So far I’m only impressed by its cleverness, but I’ll let you know.

Vacation, day two involved me getting up early to catch up on Coronation St. Usually when I am up early to watch Corrie I wake up during the first episode, then get up an do stuff during the remaining four. This stuff includes ironing or receiving breakfast– as was the case during my stay at the fancy hotel– or tidying of my house. Stuff I can do with Corrie in the backgorund. This Sunday however, I just watch straight through and I was a little bored by the end. 2.5 hours is a bit long to sit still. But part of this wasn’t just laziness. I’ve also been having cottonwood allergies while I’m here, and my nose is runny and eyes are itchy and so was feeling a bit gross and sitting and being entertained for a while sometimes helps this. In this case it worked along with a couple spoonfuls of Benadryl allergy meds.

After Corrie, Mum and I ate french toast and went shopping at Superstore and Wal-Mart where I got my list and nothing more. Pretty good considering these are two places where I will usually find pieces of clothing that appeal to me too much to leave behind. I avioded this, however, as much of what appealed to me were items I already own (like hippie shirts and short-sleeved blouses).

After shopping was nap time.

After my nap, which lasted longer than I expected it to, was early supper of chicken, rice and brussel sprouts. The reason for early supper was because Mum and I had a party to go to celebrating the retirement of Kim, the dance teacher. We were so early! But others quickly joined us and Kim had a big surprise. There was cake and balloons. I got to tell everyone about how I am laid off at the end of the month, but being a dance crowd they didn’t seem to care as how I acquire my money is secondary to attendance at dance class, and will I be moving back to Duncan to take dance class there instead. So great.

After the party Mum and I organized stuff for the rehearsals, then watched TV, then went to bed.)

Now back to vacation: day three. Nothing has happened because I just got up. Except I’ve had some tea and written some stuff (see above). I’m thinking about doing the task Mum had left for me to finish up.. but it’s not due until Friday.